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Event Offerings at The Twig Book Shop


 Kinds of Signings

Sit & Sign:

We offer opportunities for "sit and sign” - a pretty bare bones situation.  We keep the books at the counter and after purchase the buyer brings the book to the author to sign.   This is a good fit during the Farmers Market on Saturdays or if you do not like talking in front of groups. 

Depending on the publisher, the author may provide the books on a consignment basis, or we can purchase the books from the publisher.  Generally speaking, authors who self-publish bring their own books.


A Reading:

This setting tends to be a bit more formal and includes a reading, Q&A, and signing.  This is a set up that fits those who enjoy speaking in front of a group.  Excerpts of the book can be read.  Questions may be asked or discussion held.  Seating is arranged in rows for the audience.  This does not work well during the more crowded Farmers Market times.



When Signings are Held


We have signings on weekdays in the late afternoons from 5:00-7:00 so people can stop by on their way home from work. Occasionally, we stay open later to have events from 7:00-9:00.


On weekends we also allot two hour segments for signings throughout the day.  (Saturday mornings during the Farmers Market from 9:00-1:00 is great for a Sit & Sign but not for anything more formal.)


Saturdays and Sundays with start times between 1:00 and 4:00 can also be reserved in two hour periods. 



Marketing the Event

The author is, or his or her representatives are, the primary marketer/s.  The thing that makes a really successful and fun event is getting family, friends, and colleagues out.  Invite them all by email or snail mail.  Tap in to appropriate community or organization  membership.


As soon as I receive the graphic of a book cover, a brief bio and summary or description of the book, they will be sent to The Twig “web goddess” for posting on our website.  From those events we send out an event reminder to our own ever-growing email list, but personal author contacts are the most impressionable.  People love knowing that the author wants them at the signing. 

I also send all signing information to the Express-News where the event will be announced in their Book Marks section.  We also send these announcement to the San Antonio Current weekly magazine and to our Pearl property marketing organization who helps get information out on their website and newsletter.  We are sponsors of NPR/TPR; they also announce our events.  Facebook is often utilized.


Food at the Event


Food typically is not served at Sit and Signs.  This is a crowd dense time and too many people come through unrelated to the signing. 

The Twig does, on occasion, serve light refreshments.  This is determined on a case by case basis. 


The author is always welcome to provide as much or as little food as s/he may want.  The event can be catered if desired.  However, in general, people prefer something light.  Wine and beer may be served when children are not involved.   






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