Case D. Fischer and Mark Wieser, Fredericksburg Flavors

12/08/2012 10:00 am
12/08/2012 12:00 pm

The Twig Book Shops hosts

Case D. Fischer and Mark Wieser

Fredericksburg Flavors

Signing at The Twig Table near the Farmer's Market at Pearl

Sat. Dec. 8th


Bring Flavor from the Farm to your Family Table



November 2012. Fredericksburg, Texas –Case D. Fischer and Mark Wieser, celebrate the release of their new book, Fischer & Wieser Fredericksburg Flavors (Bright Sky Press).


The much-anticipated cookbook is rich in recipe flavor, but also in behind-the-scene stories of Fredericksburg and how the two small-town natives began and grew Fischer & Weiser Specialty Foods, Inc.


“We’ve been asked about doing a cookbook for many years—to share our favorite ways of using our products—so we pulled them together, and with some help from John DeMers, we’re excited to offer this cookbook to our fans,” said Case.


The cookbook tells the story behind Case and Mark’s creation of delicious and innovative gourmet products with unique flavor combinations. Case and Mark tell their stories: the discoveries of their culinary creations; the values and creativity that lie at the heart of their business success; and the town they have called home throughout their entire journey. This collection of recipes brings a little bit of Texas and an enormous amount of flavor with every dish and is sure to ignite readers’ passion in the kitchen. Most of the recipes are accompanied by beautiful, high-definition photos.


In Fischer & Wieser Fredericksburg Flavors, foodies will find over 125 recipes not only for simple, yet elegant appetizers, but also for delicious soups & salads, hearty main dishes with sides, and even desserts.  Most of the recipes include one of the many award-winning Fischer & Wieser sauces, preserves, jams, butters, glazes, or salsas, which are easily found at local grocery stores or online from Fischer & Wieser(


About the Authors:

Fischer & Wieser Specialty Foods has proved what its German founders always believed: If you’re honest and have a quality product, people will keep buying it.  In 1969, Mark Wieser founded a jelly shop in his family’s peach orchard. He taught school when he wasn’t in the orchard, and many of his students helped pick peaches. One of his students, Case D. Fischer, now president and CEO of the company, developed such a love for the business that he went off to college to study food and fiber marketing. He returned home full of ideas and he and Wieser became business partners. Today, the two men have a bond as strong as father and son. They work together daily on all aspects of the busy operation. As their business has grown and their innovative flavors have won fans across the world, they still make their great Texas sauces in their hometown, Fredericksburg.


John DeMers, who divides his time among Houston, Austin and Marfa, is the author of more than 40 published books – many about food, wine and travel, plus the West Texas Noir series that includes the Chef Brett mysteries. When not spinning yarns set in his favorite corner of the Lone Star State, John hosts the Delicious Mischief food and wine radio program. He is a regular contributor to Houston and Prime Living magazines, as well as to Houston Arts Week. His other works for Bright Sky Press include Lone Star Chefs, the iconic Follow the Smoke: 14,783 Miles of Great Texas Barbecue and coming Spring 2013, Peaches.



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