Jane Bash, Good Night in the Duck Pond

12/08/2012 11:00 am
12/08/2012 1:00 pm


Goodnight Dog in the Duck Pond – Creators’ Bios



Jane Bash earned a Master’s Degree in Education and taught for over fifteen years. Her award winning stories and educational musicals have delighted students and children in both the United States and Mexico. This animated bedtime story was inspired by Jane’s favorite ranch dog, Buck.



Nemo and his design partner Hannah Driess rose to international acclaim from a design and architectural background. Nemo’s unique swirl and spiral designs are licensed with manufacturing companies and their work is represented in several galleries across the United States. Collectors from multiple countries across the globe have invested in their original works.




Short Description



Goodnight Dog in the Duck Pond is a patterned children’s book, reinforcing farm animal habitats in the form of a bedtime story. Geared for PK to second grade, the uniquely spiraled illustrations will sustain readers’ repeat interest.


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