Nora Comstock signing and reading with Las Comadres, Count on Me

12/02/2012 3:00 pm
12/02/2012 5:00 pm


Nora de Hoyos Comstock, PhD, is the national and international
founder, president, and CEO of Las Comadres Para Las Americas, an
international organization that has been bringing together thousands
of Latinas for more than a decade to support and build community with
one another. Photo credit: Michelle Talan

Book description:

Friendships can bring us peace, fill the emotional shortcomings in our
romantic relationships, and help us remember what lies deep inside
every one of us. For more than twelve years, the international
organization Las Comadres Para Las Americas™ has been bringing
together thousands of Latinas to count on, lean on, help, and advise
one another. Comadre is a powerful term. It encompasses the most
important relationships that exist between women: best friends,
confidants, coworkers, advisers, neighbors, godmothers to one’s
children, and even midwives.

Edited by acclaimed author and editor Adriana V. López, this
collection of stories features twelve prominent Latino authors who
reveal how friendships have helped them to overcome difficult moments
in their lives. Fabiola Santiago, Luis Alberto Urrea, Reyna Grande,
and Teresa Rodríguez tell their stories of survival in the United
States and in Latin America, where success would have been impossible
without a friend’s support. Esmeralda Santiago, Lorraine López,
Carolina De Robertis, Daisy Martínez, and Dr. Ana Nogales explore what
it means to have a comadre help you through years of struggle and
self-discovery. And authors Sofia Quintero, Stephanie Elizondo Griest,
and Michelle Herrera Mulligan look at the powerful impact of the humor
and humanity that their comadres brought to each one’s life, even in
the darkest moments.

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